The Board of Governors is ultimate decision-making body at Champlain Regional College and is comprised of elected College employees, representatives from the student and parent body, and community members. The Board delegates to the Director General the accountability for its performance and operation. Specifically, the Board sets strategic and governance policy, establishes Champlain Regional College’s mission and vision, and monitors the manner in which policies and decisions are implemented. The Champlain College Board of Governors is responsible for management, administration and control of the property, revenue, business and affairs of the college.
The Board of Governors’ main duties are:

  • Establishing appropriate governance structures to oversee the operations at Champlain.
  • Approving the Director General strategic directions and outcomes within the context of the appropriate laws, public policy, and needs of the labour market and community.
  • Approving Champlain’s annual business plan, budget, and annual report.
  • Hiring the Director General and evaluating the Director General’s performance.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of the Board.

Collectively, the external members bring a wide range of skill and experience in education, finance, public affairs, governance, legal affairs, community relations and management to help Champlain achieve its strategic objectives. The Board meets regularly during the academic year to set policy and look at broad issues affecting Champlain as a whole.