disclosure of wrongdoings

    The wrongdoing is:


    1301 de Portland Blvd

    Sherbrooke, QC J1J 1S2


    Your disclosure is confidential and you can send it in complete anonymity, only the Human Resources’ Director will be able to have access to it.
    The law facilitating the disclosure of wrongdoings with regard to public bodies has been in force since May 1, 2017. It allows anyone to disclose, in complete safety, a wrongful act committed within or with regard to a public body.

    Example of wrongdoing

    • A violation of a law or regulation applicable in Quebec;
    • A serious breach of ethical or deontological standards;
    • Misuse of funds or property of a public body;
    • A serious case of mismanagement or abuse of authority within a public body;
    • An act or omission that seriously harms or threatens to harm the health or safety of any person or the environment;
    • The act of directing or advising a person to commit a wrongdoing.


    Risks of Non-Disclosure of Wrongdoing

    • Isolated cases can become a practice (snowball effect).
    • Loss of certain values for members of the organization.
    • Leaving the organization, and loss of expertise.
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